Free Your Natural Voice is a methodology of singing and voice coaching, as taught and developed by Maya Lewandowsky. This holistic approach uses the body as an instrument of breath and awareness, ultimately reshaping your voice and allowing it to find its most natural, fluid and powerful form. The Free Your Natural Voice method is for beginners, experienced singers, adults and children alike.


Maya Lewandowsky’s distinction as a singer and dancer has seen her performing and touring professionally in Europe, North America and Asia for over two decades. Maya studied classical opera singing and contemporary vocal techniques at the University of Tel-Aviv in Israel from 1995 to 2001.  Since then she has been discovering  and developing the voice in its multifaceted forms.  Her explorations and study in expanding and freeing the voice have included vocal exercise, body awareness, dance and guided meditation.  In 2012 she completed the International Advanced Voice Workshop with Richard Armstrong, a pioneer in the Extended Voice method.

Maya has worked for the School of Alberta Ballet, the University of Calgary Dance Faculty and the Epcor Centre for the Arts . She is also the Artistic Director and founder of LaCaravan Dance Theatre.  In 2003 Maya received the first place award in the NAT Classical Song Festival Competition.  She has also received numerous awards and scholarships in dance and theatre in Israel and Canada.

Maya is an excellent teacher for me as she incorporates dance moves with singing technique which help me to visualize the association between the body and the voice and how they are both integrated.

Sylvia Schmidt

Maya has the remarkable ability to synthesize movement and voice in a creative and fun way where it seems like we are playing and not practicing and doing exercises. Her work and approach is an example of mastery in how she blends different modalities and helps participants manifest their own creative process. She is available, vulnerable, understanding and compassionate and is able to meet the participant for their needs. Such a talent as hers is a rarity in the world and something special to observe and be a part of.

Brooke Cox
Engineer, Calgary

Working with Maya has been inspirational and thoroughly enjoyable. She is a multi-talented artist and wonderful mentor who encouraged me to use a wholistic and effective approach in my voice-training. Her warm personality and cool techniques gave me such confidence in my singing that I even surprise myself! I am definitely an admirer.

Judy Fung

I love my singing lessons with Maya. She creates a comfortable environment to explore the range of possibilities within my voice and my body. It is a playful and joyful experience.

Norm Johnston

Any vocalists out there looking to take their voice to next level? I’ve been taking voice lessons with Maya for the past year and I’m always amazed by what I discover about my voice after doing a two days of work with Maya. Maya is a master at her craft and she has an incredible talent for tricking you into unlocking and accessing abilities you never knew you had. I can’t say enough about how much this work has helped me as an artist and a performer and what a phenomenal teacher Maya is.

Eric Smith
Musician/ Singer, Calgary

I immensely enjoyed Maya’s workshop on ‘Freeing your inner voice’. My background and work is as an engineering manager for a major oil company, which is to say ‘you don’t have to be a creative free spirit’ to attend, enjoy and get something from this workshop.

Brooke Cox
Engineer, Calgary

Maya helps me to take care of my voice and prepare for performances of my songs. I have developed a deep bond and trust in her and the results show in my singing voice and the compliments I receive!!

Sylvia Schmidt

Singing presents itself as a daunting task for most dancers as we are accustomed to expressing ourselves with our movements but rarely with our voices. I was surprised to find that when the parameters and judgement were lifted from what I thought singing should sound like I was able to explore my full vocal range and find a natural singer within myself.

Nicole Charlton
Professional Dancer & Teacher


Maya offers private singing lessons online via Zoom and in central Calgary. Click for the listing of upcoming intensive singing workshops and feel free to contact Maya anytime with questions and inquiries.


Want to explore the “Free Your Natural Voice” method? Take one of Maya’s intensive weekend workshops held throughout the year. You don’t need to be an existing student to take these workshops, they are open to all experience levels.


Foundation lessons start to loosen old habits and begin to shape new vocal patterns. With retraining of the voice, lessons can progress and deepen, allowing you to explore wider ranges, different singing styles and better articulation.